Work, ‘Endless war against illegal work and injuries’

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We need “a new intelligence”, “a surgical strategy in identifying the companies to check”, “more inspections and targeted”. For Bruno Giordano, new director of the National Labor Inspectorate, these are some of the main tools to be used “for an endless war against illegal work and accidents” which will be able to count on 2000 inspectors more than the current staff (800-900 by the end of this year). He talks about it in an interview with ANSA and announces that the task force of the National Labor Inspectorate against illegal hiring has already entered into action, carrying out dozens of inspections a day in the campaigns of various regions. A phenomenon, that of the hiring, which is not only linked to agricultural activities – remembers Giordano – but also other sectors such as logistics, construction and riders with deliveries.

In the last week, the National Labor Inspectorate inspected dozens of companies between Prato and Milan (64 in the Tuscan town alone) and “100% were found to be irregular”. Giordano underlines how irregularities and undeclared work often lurk “in the areas with the highest activity in the Center and North and not in the depressed areas of the South”. The phenomenon is particularly widespread in SMEs which make up almost 90% of the Italian productive fabric. In 2020, 79.3% of the controlled companies were found to be irregular.