Eventi Livorno, XII mese contro l’Alzheimer.

Amal O.D.V., the Association for Alzheimer’s Patients in Livorno, is organizing a series of events for the twelfth World Alzheimer’s Month in September. These include a national conference, a film screening, and a day of free screenings and tests for everyone. On September 21st, National Alzheimer’s Day, Livorno’s Town Hall will be illuminated in purple, the color of forget-me-not flowers. The association’s president, Fiorella Cateni, explains that their goal is to overcome the stigma of dementia and shift from care to inclusion. They provide information on existing public services and rights for patients and their families, organize cognitive stimulation workshops, and fight against misinformation and stigmatization. The month of September aims to highlight the needs and quality of life for people with dementia. It is important to combat misinformation and the unjust labeling of patients as “mentally ill,” and to support research efforts through adequate resources. The article also provides details about the upcoming events, a conference on September 21st, a film screening on September 26th, and free cognitive screenings on September 30th.

XII mese mondiale dell’Alzheimer, gli appuntamenti a Livorno

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