Il duo Mignani-Odifredi: Donatori di emozioni sulla musica di Beethoven

Benedetta Mignani, violinist, and Tommaso Odifredi, pianist, were the protagonists at Noa. The highly appreciated duo delighted and entertained with some pieces by Beethoven, the Spring Sonata number 5, Schumann with Papillons, and Sarasate’s La Tarantella. Oncology Primary Doctor Andrea Mambrini of the “Donatori di musica” association expressed great satisfaction for having the two musicians in the polyconfessional room of the Apuane hospital, with Mignani being from Massa and Odifredi being from Carrara. The concert was emotional, showcasing the talent of the two young musicians and leaving the audience entranced. It is likely that Mignani and Odifredi will be invited again to delight the audience with their fantastic performance.

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