In cerca del vino perfetto: Dal Villa Bibbiani a Taormina

George Mc Carrol Rapier III, owner of Villa Bibbiani, brought the history and tradition of the territory to the red carpet of the Taormina Film Festival. As the promoter of the winemaking production of the estate, Rapier became the protagonist of a book that explores the historical excursion of Villa Bibbiani. The festival was attended by American producers and actors, including Harrison Ford who presented his new Indiana Jones film. Bibbiani sponsored the festival, and Rapier even received a prestigious award from the local administration. The restoration of the Medici port and the cultural movement around Villa Bibbiani are among their future projects. They are also looking for personnel for maintenance, gardening, and other tasks.

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notizia ispiratrice: Da Villa Bibbiani a Taormina Cercando il vino perfetto