In Terranova il voto nel 2024: Verdi e Sinistra Italiana si oppongono alle fughe in avanti

I Verdi and Sinistra Italiana have stated that there should be no solitary flights forward or divisive figures that can undermine the common ground on which the Terranova center-left is moving. They emphasized the need to contribute to a moment of truth and reaffirm the path and method that the center-left alliance has followed recently. They also mentioned the ongoing positive and concrete dialogue on the future of the city and the most suitable figure to be mayor. They urged for the person who best represents the alliance and the governance approach of the past five years. The Verdi and Sinistra Italiana alliance wants to maintain the commitments made among all political forces and avoid divisive figures that hinder unity in this important historical moment. They also called for equal commitment from the allies, especially the Democratic Party.

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liberamente ispirato da: Terranova. Nel 2024 il voto. Verdi e Sinistra Italiana dicono no a fughe in avanti