Dea, il Rottweiler che cura bambini a Pisa.

Dea, a 10-year-old female Rottweiler, works in the pediatric department of Santa Chiara Hospital in Pisa. She is part of a pet therapy program promoted by the hospital in collaboration with the DobreDog dog center. The results have been surprising, with autistic children opening up and anorexic children starting to eat in the presence of Dea. Children with cancer have also found comfort and happiness by interacting with the large black dog. Dea even accompanies the children home in an ambulance when they are discharged. The program aims to create a homely environment for the patients and is part of Chiara Richichi’s passion for nursing and caring for patients. Dea is now an integral part of the hospital and receives lots of praise for her work. Before starting her daily activities, Dea participates in a briefing with doctors and nurses to understand the specific needs of each child. She goes through training and exams to ensure she is suitable for the role. Dea’s presence in the hospital creates a calm and individual bond with the patients, and she is the first Rottweiler in Italy to provide pet therapy services.

La storia di Dea, il cane Rottweiler che “cura” i bambini ricoverati all’ospedale di Pisa

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Pisa Dea, il Rottweiler che cura bambini a Pisa. GN