L’importanza della Provincia nella democrazia, secondo Sbragia: una prospettiva con “d” minuscola

Roberto Sbragia, a member of the provincial council of Forza Italia, has called for transparency in the province. He expresses concern that following the Delrio reform in 2014, provincial entities have become second-level entities whose councilors and president are not elected directly by citizens through free elections. Instead, they are elected among the current councilors in the various areas, and only by their expressed votes. He believes that the functions of the province are important and not minor or secondary. Sbragia has presented a motion to make the provincial council meetings and provincial commissions accessible to all through streaming on social media platforms. He emphasizes that democracy requires simplicity and transparency, and politics should make every effort to make it accessible and shareable for everyone.

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notizia ispiratrice: Sbragia: "La Provincia è importante, ma è democrazia con la d minuscola"