Titolo riscritto: Casucci (Lega) sostiene che l’amministrazione regionale stia gestendo bene l’emergenza cinghiali secondo l’assessore Saccardi.

Marco Casucci, a regional councilor for the Lega party, criticized the response he received from Assessor Saccardi regarding the issue of wild boars and the slow compensation to those affected by their presence. Casucci suggests that Saccardi should visit Sestino to see the reality of the situation, as the measures taken so far have been ineffective. He also points out that farmers who wrote a letter to President Giani and Saccardi did not receive a response. Casucci states that they will continue to push the region to address the issue and meet the demands of affected farmers.

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notizia ispiratrice: Casucci (Lega): “Emergenza cinghiali: per l’assessore Saccardi la situazione è ben gestita dalla regione”