Via Fiorentina, Confesercenti chiede rimozione ruspa immobile e rinvio cantiere.

Confesercenti, an Italian trade association, is demanding the immediate removal of a construction site on Via Fiorentina in Arezzo. The site has caused significant damage to local businesses by isolating a major road and deterring customers. The director of Confesercenti, Valeria Alvisi, argues that there is a lack of progress on the site, with no workers present and no clear plan for the construction. The association suggests that the construction should be postponed until August, to minimize the economic impact on businesses. Alvisi emphasizes the need for timely planning and minimal disruption to avoid further damage to the local economy. The closure of the road due to the construction has led to a significant decrease in traffic and customers for the affected shops. Alvisi claims that the promised rapid progress on the site has not been fulfilled, leaving the association to believe that the construction is at a standstill. Confesercenti insists on the immediate removal of the site to restore normality and ensure that the upcoming holiday season can be navigated without further disruption.

Via Fiorentina, Confesercenti, “Cantiere fermo. Rimuovere la ruspa immobile e rinviare il cantiere”

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